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Chimney Drafting and Design Services

Chimney Drafting and Design Services

Structural Chimney Drafting and Design Services

7Solutions India skilled and experienced draftsman support chimney drafting and design services and chimney design drawings using the latest AutoCAD technology. Once a marker of status, the chimney is having, in our experience, a revival to more traditiona l approaches. Not just content with the more modern 'two brick corbel out', and 'one brick corbel in' design of finishing chimneys, we see and practice a growth in traditional and architecturally modern designs of chimney. As well as the obvious practical propose of venting a property, chimneys are an important feature of traditional building and streetscapes and designers of new building are strongly encouraged to incorporate appropriately proportioned and detailed chimneystacks into their proposals. They add height and punctuate the skyline adding visual interest and what is often called "articulation" to an area.

The contribution that traditional chimneys make the roofscape to our settlements provides a valuable context for the design of modern or contemporary chimney design drawings. It should not be assumed that chimneys would be inappropriate in such a design solutions. Designing chimneys in a modern way can add excitement and interest to the roofscape of our settlements, which themselves are the result of an amalgam of different building styles from different eras. It is this variety that makes them so interesting. They can also serve functional purposes such as housing the central heating flue.

The design of any flue should take into account all of the following:

  • Flue temperature
  • Heat resistance
  • Thermal stresses
  • Acid resistance
  • Shape and size of the flue
  • Soot build up
  • Size and type of appliance or open fire it is to serve
  • Insulating properties

Perched on a roof, out of eyesight, many chimneys are neglected as features in their own right. They need not be to the same apparel as the stunning, seemingly incredible spiralling/twisting, and moulded chimneys of highly specialized projects, but a well built, thought out and planned chimney can stand proud on your home for many generations. Contact us or send Email: info@7solutionsindia.com to know more about our chimney drafting and design services.

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