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Flat Slab Detailing Services

Flat Slab Detailing Drawings Services

Flat Slab Detailing Drawings Services

7Solutions Indiais an precast concrete detailing service firms have constantly offers low cost precast flat slab detailing drawings to contractors, engineering, draftsman, detailers, architects, erectors and builders of U.S.A., Australia, Canada, UK, UAE and around the world. Our commitment is to continue to build on our past successes with providing unmatched precast flat slab detailing services that are very competitively priced. We are totally committed to providing a hassle-free experience and excellent customer support. We have experience to manage any precast flat slab detailing drawings projects for large or small precast construction industry. If you are interested in having high quality precast flat slab detailing drawings produced either from your own outline ideas, or form structural specification, then precast detailing India would like to help you with their processional precast flat slab detailing drawings services.

Common practice of design and construction is to support the slabs by beams and support the beams by columns. This may be called as beam-slab construction. The beams reduce the available net clear ceiling height. Hence in warehouses, offices and public halls some times beams are avoided and slabs are directly supported by columns. This type of construction is aesthetically appealing also. These slabs which are directly supported by columns are called Flat Slabs.

Flat slab with drop panels

  • increase shear strength of slab
  • increase negative moment capacity of slab
  • stiffen the slab and hence reduce deflection

Flat slab with column head

  • increase shear strength of slab
  • reduce the moment in the slab by reducing the clear or effective span

Flat slab detailing benefits includes:

  • Flexibility in room layout
    • Flexibility in room layout
    • allows Architect to introduce partition walls anywhere required
    • allows owner to change the size of room layout
    • allows choice of omitting false ceiling and finish soffit of slab with skim coating
  • Saving in building height
    • Lower storey height will reduce building weight due to lower partitions and cladding to facade
    • Approx. saves 10% in vertical members
    • reduce foundation load
  • Shorter construction time
    • flat plate design will facilitate the use of big table formwork to increase productivity
  • Ease of installation of M & E services
    • All M & E services can be mounted directly on the underside of the slab instead of bending them to avoid the beams
    • Avoids hacking through beams
  • Prefabricated welded mesh
    • Prefabricated in standard sizes
    • Minimised installation time
    • Better quality control
    • Allows standardized structural members and prefabricated sections to be integrated into the design for ease of construction
    • This process will make the structure more build able, reduce the number of site workers and increase the productivity at site
    • More tendency to achieve a higher Build able score

7Solutions India has the ability to access more manpower if required to handle the largest of projects. Using strict quality procedures and proven management systems this is a streamlined operation and provides the customer with a much increased detailing capacity. Contact Us or Email: info@7solutionsindia.com for your precast detailing requirements.

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