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Structural Steel Drawings Price

7Solutions India - Low cost Structural Steel Drawings Price

Structural steel drawings, structural steel cad drawings services at affordable price

Our offshore structural drawings facility offers a substantial cost difference due to the labor intensive nature of structural steel drawings, structural steel cad drawings services and structural drafting services. The offshore management has requisite skills to deliver drawings of the best quality in various CAD disciplines. The time gap of 4 to 12 hours between our offshore facility's timings and that of Europe and the United States effectively ensures the extension of their working to almost 24 hours. Moreover our facility works five days a week A significant portion of this cost differential is passed on to the Client.


Every job is estimated accurately based on specific man hour cost and item methods. There is no guess work in our estimation or our performance. Lumpsum quotes can be given after receiving the scope of work.


Charges for design changes, Hard Copies, etc. shall be billed separately as per instructions.


Normally we provide 7 days credit from the date of Final Invoice.


Payment in your equivalent currency may be wire transferred through your Bank to our bank or you can also pay us through PayPal.


No advance payment is expected. Payment is to be made to us on progressive basis.

Contact Us or Email: info@7solutionsindia.com to know more about your structural drawings requirement and pricing structure.

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