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Concrete Masonry Detailing Services

Concrete Masonry Detailing Services

Masonry Detailing Services, Concrete Masonry Detailing Services

At 7Solutions India, We offer a wide range of concrete masonry detailing services to USA, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE and around the world. Our focus is on producing higher quality rebar concrete masonry detailing outputs leading to increased customer satisfaction. Our qualified engineers retaining extensive experience undertakes the overall responsibility of preliminary, conceptual and concrete masonry detailing projects.

Concrete masonry is an essential component of the building industry. As well as offering all the positive attributes of the other forms of concrete it is an easy format to use. The use of concrete masonry has been well supported by the block manufacturers throughout the country. 7Solutions India offer a large range of custom applications, finishes and patterns. Masonry detailing designs and installs the ideal solution for your home or business. We strive to make your vision a reality and offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

All walls using stress permitted for reinforced masonry shall be reinforced with both vertical and horizontal bars.

Advantages of concrete masonry

  • economy - particularly when the construction module is fully exploited
  • does not require special or costly equipment to install
  • modular units are relatively easy to handle and can be delivered to most buildings sites
  • stop and start of construction is easy to incorporate
  • structurally and architecturally
  • range of profiles allowing for most detailing requirements

Our concrete masonry detailing for the following types of projects:

  • Multi-story steel, concrete and masonry buildings
  • One and two-story timber structures
  • Pre-engineered structures
  • Foundation structures for all types of building construction
  • Light gauge metal structures
  • Residential structures

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