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Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Modeling Services

Structural Analysis Services, Steel Structural Design Analysis Services

7Solutions India has been providing finite element analysis (FEA) and modeling services to the engineering, steel and construction industry. Our firm combines wealth of experienced and multi-disciplinary capabilities providing quality finite element analysis (FEA) services to our worldwide clients. Finite Element Analysis (FEA), sometimes referred to as FE, or FEM, is a computer simulation technique that allows any product to be analyzed in great detail to carry out a stress analysis, vibration analysis, heat transfer analysis and many other physical analysis.

As we are specialize in all types of FEA services, the range of our FEA consulting expertise that we provide is listed below.

  • Analysis with highly non-Linear Material
  • Analysis with Composite Material
  • Complex Contacts and Assemblies
  • Analytic Fatigue Assessment/ Real Time Failure Forensics
  • Design and Product Optimization
  • Thermal Mechanical Multiphysics Analysis
  • Basic Linear Structural Analysis and Dynamic Response
  • Impact or Crash Analysis

We provide experienced FEA consulting for small to medium and large sized companies who want to meet their specific Finite Element Analysis requirements. By having "an exclusive" industrial experience and expertise with latest software and technologies, we will execute your needs and expectations regarding design and analysis for the short and long terms and propose a plan for your company to optimally meet those needs.

Our Scope of FEA Services includes:

  • Linear and Non-Linear Structural Analysis
  • Dynamic response problems
  • Linear and Non-Linear Thermal Analysis
  • Fatigue and Durability Analysis
  • Optimization of design with weight/cost reduction
  • Removal of redundant components from design

Our Expertise of FEA services:

Structural Analysis:

  • To transfer the static and dynamic stress and deformation simulations for components and assemblies.
  • Exceptional authority in solving geometric (large deformation), material (hyperelastic, plastic, non-linear elastic), and contact-related nonlinear problems.
  • Have an experience of multiple automotive dynamic response problems such as frequency, transient response and response to random loading. For which we apply both the methods direct and modal scaling methods.

Thermal Analysis:

  • Have professional experts who can easily solve steady-state and transient heat transfer problems involving conduction, convection, and radiation.
  • Linear / nonlinear stress analysis based on thermal analysis.

Fatigue / Durability:

  • Stress / strain life calculations based on structural / thermal analysis.

Simulation for Structural Failure:

  • Conduct structural / thermal FEA studies on a component / assembly to study reasons for failure in field. Redesign parts to avoid failure.

Benefits of Finite Element Analysis Simulation include:

  • Ability to accurately assess the performance & safety of any design prior to manufacture
  • Identify and resolve design faults early
  • Minimize cost of materials & maximize product performance.
  • Reduce development costs
  • Speed up time to market

Contact Us or email: info@7solutionsindia.com for your FEA requirements. our experienced team can work within your design guidelines.

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