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Security Policies

Security Policies

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Information is wealth either for customer or for 7Solutions India, to abide this basic rule we established a full proof environment where in every employee is monitored under surveillance.

  • Access driven environment
  • Different projects team are made to work at different close environment
  • The teams are only exposed to the technical information of the client
  • Electronic goods are not allowed to carry to the floor
  • Restricted internet access to check the virus attaches and to uphold the online transmission process
  • Datacenters are highly restricted zones with biometric access
  • Visitors are confined to the reception areas

Every access authorization is monitored by the respective project managers who upon written request grant the access. Employees are restricted access to the internet to hold and monitor the internal and external information transfer. Client data will only be processed for the purpose for which it was collected and should not be used for additional purposes without the consent of the data subject.

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