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7Solutions India is a full services fabrication drawings firm providing full range of fabrication drawings, steel fabrication drawings and fabrication shop drawings. We do all types of fabrication shop drawings work for residential, commercial and industrial building structure. Our fabrication shop detailers team has the capability of producing fabrication shop drawings electronically to send anywhere in the world. Our staff has more than 15+ yeas experienced and utilizes automated detailing technology. We have developed a proven methodology to complete the fabrication shop drawings projects within the given schedule and budget., we could deliver fast, clean, easy to read, industry standards compliant fabrication shop drawings for your projects.

The fabrication shop drawings are a specific type of detail drawings. Some fabrication drawings are virtually assembly drawings. The fabrication drawings generally include a material parts list identifying all of the materials used to build up the fabrication. All weld details are included using the standard symbolic representation of welds. All of the materials should be identified in accordance with the relevant standards and codes. The fabrication drawings should clearly describe in notes or in referenced documents the heat treatment and stress relieving requirements prior to, during and following the completion of the fabrication processes. The dimensions and relevant linear and geometric tolerances should be indicated fabrication drawings sometimes only includes the fabrication details, the final machining details are then shown on a separate drawing. It is equally acceptable to show all manufacturing information on one drawing.

Working with 7Solutions India you will be assured that:

  • Drawings are accurate
  • Delivery is punctual
  • No supervision required
  • Great customer service
  • We are always within a budget

7Solutions India take great pride in our quality and know that we will do a good job for you with whatever type of fabrication drawings requirements you entrust to us. We are fully experienced in direct request for information (RFI) co-ordination between engineers, designers and builders. We have all the facilities in house to complete detail workshop fabrication and erection drawings. All documents and drawings are supplied by email in "DWG" or "PDF" format - drawings can be provided in batches for various phases of a project. Contact Us or email: info@7solutionsindia.com for your fabrication shop drawings requirements.

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