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Structural Analysis Services

Structural Analysis Services, Steel Structural Analysis Services

Structural Analysis Services, Steel Structural Design Analysis Services

7Solutions India specialized in structural analysis services and steel structural analysis services. Our expert’s structural analysis engineers support cost effective structural analysis services to architects, builders, construction supervisors, users, and occupants of a structure all depend on accurate structural analysis in determining the physical integrity of a structure. The specific structure may be a house, an office building, a bridge, tunnel, tower, or even an airplane or ship. Structural analysis ensures that the particular structural design will withstand the stresses and forces, both internal and external, that it is designed for. Thus, known parameters are implemented in examining the safety and longevity factors of a particular structure.

The analysis of a structure must reflect an accurate estimate of all the anticipated strengths and weaknesses of a structure. The analysis will determine volume limits, as well as linear and surface strengths and weaknesses of structural components, including the strength of columns, walls, connectors, beams, braces, and roofs. Structural analysis is based, in large part, on immutable physical laws. A correct structural analysis most often results in the over-building of a structure. The main goal of the structural analysis process is to compute the internal forces, stresses and deformations of any given structure. By inputting certain facts pertaining to the materials used, support conditions, structural loads and geometry, a resulting equation can be compared to know failure criteria.

The structural analysis services three approaches as below:

  • The Mechanics and Strength of the Materials Used
  • Elasticity Methods
  • The Finite Element Approach

Advantages of structural analysis services:

  • Structural Analysis can be used to study any kind of system, text, or material
  • It applies equally to the Humanities and Social Sciences as well as to the "hard" Sciences, though with different connotations.
  • The methods of Structural Analysis might be different in each discipline but the basic premises, however, are the same.
  • It enables awareness to underlying structures and reveals their limiting and conditioning nature.

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