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Modular Building Designs Services

Modular Building Designs Services

Innovative Modular Building Designs Drawings Services

7Solutions India is a skill and experience modular building designs services provider company having over 10 years of experience in the modular building industry for many different clients. We take the time to understand our worldwide customer's business and space requirements and are able to use our professional engineer’s industry experience to provide the best prefabricated modular building designs solutions. 7Solutions India specializes in the design and drawings of high quality buildings and can manage all aspects of the modular building projects from conception to completion. This includes concept design, approvals, site preparation and implementation. We pride ourselves on our innovative design and manufacturing approach which takes advantage of developments in design trends and building material technology to deliver finished products which are indistinguishable from conventionally built structures.

Modular buildings have a wide variety of uses. They will either be used for long-term temporary or permanent facilities. Such uses include construction camps, schools and classrooms, civilian and military housing needs, and commercial, residential, industrial facilities. Modular buildings are a perfect solution in remote and rural areas where conventional construction may not be reasonable or even possible. Other uses have also been found for modular buildings including churches, health care facilities, sales and retail offices, fast food restaurants and cruise ship construction.

If you have any queries about our modular building designs drawings services or would like to see some of our project samples, please feel free to Contact us or send email: info@7solutionsindia.com.

Our modular building design services includes:

Modular Building Services

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